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  • 2023 Chamber Events

  • Ribbon Cutting for Lab-18

    On September 12, the Greater Roslyn Chamber of Commerce was pleased to coordinate the ribbon cutting of new business and new member Lab-18, located at 18 Roosevelt Avenue in Roslyn.


    Roslyn Chamber VP of Marketing Barbara Kaplan, along with board members Melissa Spitalnick, Garnet Ardila, Graciela Hall, and Alicia Brown, participated to wish Lab-18 much success.


    Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Jennifer DeSenaCouncilmember Peter Zuckerman, and a representative of Assemblymember Gina Sillitti’s office presented founder Josh Halegua with citations to commemorate the occasion.  Councilmember Veronica Lurvey was also in attendance. 


    Lab-18 is an indoor golf performance center. Members can take lessons, practice, get a proper fitting, work with a sports medicine therapist, and compete in leagues and tournaments. 


    Lab-18’s phone number is 516-588-1018, and their website is www.lab-18.com  




    Written by Barbara Kaplan, VP Marketing

    Roslyn Chamber of Commerce


  • September Breakfast Meeting
    Atria on Roslyn Harbor

    On Tuesday, September 12th, The Roslyn Chamber held their monthly breakfast meeting at The Atria.  It was a perfect way to start your the day, networking over breakfast.  Thank you to Janine and staff for the delicious breakfast spread and to all the members that joined us.



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